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Our team has experienced more than 100 program systems of Web Applications Development. We have various experiences in system development and data base connection such as:

  • HTML
    HTML/CSS integration
  • HTML5
    HTML5 / CSS3
  • JavaScript
    JavaScript / jQuery / AJAX / XML
  • Interface
    Interface animation
  • API
    API Google Maps, Facebook,
    Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo
    PHP / MySQL
  • Database modeling
    Database modeling
  • Customized back office
    Customized back office
  • Web services
    Web services

Our designed work pattern for Web Applications usage between working team and customers ensures that we can deliver system that is user-friendly and able to meet user’s demand.

Examples of Accomplishment about Web Application Development

  • 01
    “Full Customize” Customer Data Base Management System
  • 02
    Academic Conference Data Base System
  • 03
    Sales Management, Quotation, and Sales Personnel Assessment System
  • 04
    Stock Alert to Mobile
  • 05
    Staff Skill Improvement Management System
  • 06
    Community of Practice or COPs
  • 07
    Complaint Handling System
  • 08
    ระบบ E-Learning Management System
These are our development processes and steps
Planning & Analysis
  • Listen and inquire end users directly. If they have old system, we will survey opinion, problem, need of customers or organization. For example, problem about UX (User Experience) design, UI (User Interface) design, back office system, telephone or tablet usage problem, web browser problem, information searching problem, information accessible problem
  • Find benchmark example to discuss with users to clarify overall developing program system
  • Conduct Users Requirement summary report
  • Hold conference to present information and problem to I.T. or related department
  • Initiate design process for every Wire Frame and system screen step by step, from the first system page to report page to create user acknowledgement and understanding about UX (Users Experience) of developing program system
  • Conduct ER Diagram, Work Flow and Data Dictionary structure of program system
  • Design UI (User Interface) to make program beautiful and attractive
  • Adjust designed UI (User Interface) to be in HTML + Script form so that customers can see every part of screen, every step of usage, and every screen to test designed UX (Users Experience)
  • Conduct coding for every part of program system as per UX (Users Experience) and UI (User Interface) designed structure
  • If old data base exists, data import and management will be done
  • QC (Quality Control) , Step Test, Function Acceptant , User Acceptant , Web Browser Compatible, Mobile & Tablet Compatible (Responsive)
  • Q.C. team tests program system Bug and Error to report developer for correction
  • Present to customers and end users to let them try and test designed program system. Listen to their problems and comments to improve system.
  • After improvement, security test will be conducted, various Web Browser will be tested, speed and work efficiency will be tested
  • Install and deliver website
  • Train customers
  • 1-year system and work guarantee
Examples of Accomplishment
Ajinomoto Co.,(Thailand) Ltd. view case study
Secondhand Home Web
GHB HOME CENTER view case study