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is more than program that can just add, delete,
or correct information. It can combine information
and analyze to set goal and strategy.

We build and develop program system for large website back office management.
System has high capabilities. Our team can customize program system as wishes so that program system
can conveniently work with both user and webmaster.
  • Intro page for Festival
  • Top Graphic Management
  • Banner Management
  • Photo Gallery Management
  • Member Management System
  • Vote or Poll System
  • Video Gallery Management
  • Questionnaire
  • Download Management System
  • FAQ
  • Calendar Activities
  • Contact Us
  • Basic Search + Advance Search
  • Site Map
  • Recruitment System
  • Administrator (WEB Master Policy)
  • E-newsletter
  • System + WEB Master
  • Procurement System
  • Multiple Menu Management
  • E-magazine

Our every program system
passes specific Security & Performance tests.

  • All Browser Support
    All Browser Support Testing
    (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome และ
    Internet Explorer เป็นต้น)
  • Responsive
    Responsive Testing
  • W3C Standard
    W3C Standard Testing
  • WCAG Standard
    WCAG Standard Testing
  • Web Accessibility
    Web Accessibility Testing
  • Security Testing
    Security Testing
    (SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting,
    Validate Input)