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Jigsaw Sales Force

Jigsaw Sales Force is program system for professional sales / sales team management.
System supports sales quotation, estimates sales volume,
and follows up salesperson work. We design system by emphasizing on usage easiness.
“One Stop Shopping” combines all information of each customer to show at one place.
Jigsaw Sales Force is compatible with Jigsaw CRM.
  • Target Setting + Team Setup
    Target Setting + Team Setup
    is system for goal setting, follow-up, inspection, adjustment, and sales personnel team setup.
  • Lead/Account/Campaign Management
    Lead/Account/Campaign Management
    is management system with report system and one-page data filtering function.
  • Quotation System
    Quotation System
    supports sales quotation issuance and Sales Forecast system supports sales volume estimation.
  • Sales through/Sales order
    Sales through/Sales order
    system reports summarized actual sales volume in period of time, by team, or by salesperson.
  • Contract System
    Contract System
    follows up, inspects contract, and reminds.
  • Customer Survey
    Customer Survey
    assesses and inspects customer satisfaction.
  • Sales & Marketing Report
    Sales & Marketing Report
    summarizes report in data graph format.

**** Jigsaw Sales Force is semi-finished program system. It needs to be modified or customized to fit each organization.
Customization fee starts from THB 1,xxx,xxx.

Wall Page
  • Program system user interface which is similar to social networking encourages usage easiness.
  • Wall Page combines and summarizes every customer’s information for each salesperson for follow-up, inspection, update, and report easiness.
  • Colleague grouping system supports data / information filtering for specific salesperson.
  • Conference and appointment tables are accessible. Job assignment, follow-up, and inspection are easy with Grant Chart format which is convenient for follow-up and update.
Target Setting + Team Setup Menu
  • 01
    Result screen example of goal setting or sharing for each salesperson in team by period of time.
  • 01
    Result screen example for system data configuration, data status identification for each menu, and necessary Field Form building details.
  • 01
    Result screen example for sales team determination, slates team grouping, and quotation approval authority management.
Quotation System Menu
  • Used for quotation issuance to customers, connected to sales forecast system to let salespersons estimate possibility of sales. Sales forecast is possible by overall quotation or quoted lists.
  • Each salesperson’s or sales team’s total sales volume can be shown by selecting period of sales time (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as wishes).
  • Update information about quotation in screen format similar to social network. Follow up quotation that is sending to customers or waiting for chief or manager approval.
  • Quotation before and after correction / update are saved as different version for references.
Sales Forecast Menu
  • Connected to Quotation System to be convenient to analyze sales closing possibility, and cause, of sent quotation.
  • Sales estimation of each salesperson or sales team can be shown by selecting period of sales time (weekly, monthly, quarterly, or as wishes) or sales closing possibility.
  • Sales correction, adjustment, postponement, estimation errors are all recorded as references to track down and inspect frequent wrong sales estimation.
Sales through/Sales order Menu
  • Connected to Sales Force System to confirm and estimate salesperson or sales team efficiency in case of closing sales
  • Total sales amount or details of each closing sales can be shown. Actual sales volume by salesperson, sales team, or period of time can be shown for sales inspection.
  • Connected to Cash Receive System to separate details of bill collecting by time with reminding system.
Contract System Menu
  • Connected to Sell through/Sell order to follow up and remind when quotation is going to expire so that marketing or sales department can contact customers again.
  • Customized automatic reminding system is available.
Customer Survey Menu
  • Supports questionnaire builder to keep customer satisfaction record.
  • Connects each questionnaire or each customer then keep their record.