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This program system can build unlimited
small website for large organization.

What is Mini Site?
  • Simplify, reduce budget, reduce cooperation work step and data management step.
  • Connect data from small website to be shown at web main page.
  • Improve organization image and brand unity.
  • Design and adjust data layout by Drag & Drop technique.
  • Both main or sub department can easily manage data. Convenient for management, adjustment, and correction by users themselves.
What are advantages of Mini Site?
  • Can build unlimited small website.
  • Many templates to select.
  • Can add, delete, correct menu or layout of Mini Site by users themselves.
  • Can easily add, delete, correct information to use in digital media organization public relation.
  • Build Brand Corporate Identity of main and sub department in the same direction.
  • Sub department can leave public relation information to main department website without disturbing main webmaster.
Who is suitable for Mini Site?
  • Large organization with small sub departments or data connection between main and sub department.
  • Main and sub department who want to unite their organization image.
  • Example of organizations which adopt Mini Site.
    • Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) which expand and develop unlimited small business and want to have website for each business. (Nowadays, MEA use Mini Site to build website for more than 30 small businesses.)
    • Election Commission which has sub department in each province. Total 76 websites.
    • Department of Civil Aviation (Department of Airports) which has 28 airports under duty.
    • Teachers Council which has 185 sub departments in each area.
    • Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion which needs to build websites for its small projects and sub departments.

Mini Site Standard Control

  • WEB Content Accessibility
    Guidelines 2.0
  • Government Web Site
  • Web Accessibility
    Initiative: WAI
  • Html5 / W3C / UX / UI
  • All Web Browser Support
  • All Device Support
  • Security Testing
  • SEO Friendly Structure
  • Speed Test
  • Performance Testing
  • SQL Injection
  • XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
  • File Disclosure
  • Remote File Inclusion
  • PHP/ASP Code Injection
  • Directory Traversal
Examples of Accomplishment
img1 img2 img3
Department of Airports, Thailand view case study
img1 img2 img3
Metropolitan Electricity Authority view case study