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Social Private Network for
Modern Business & Modern Leader

Social Private Network for Modern Business & Modern Leader
is designed to solve these organization problems.
Does your organization have these problems?
  • Does not possess communal program system for staff to contact, communicate, exchange, and learn together
  • Does not possess program system that let staff work together systematically and orderly
  • Training cost per annum is high and redundant
  • Does not possess method to extract or collect information from personnel with high expertise
  • Problems about repeat work errors
  • • Does not possess communal organization information system, customer information system, contact information system, information is scattered and lost overtime.
  • Work and coordination information is scattered and unable to be tracked or brought back to use conveniently.
Internet Era World Trend
  • Social Networking Trend
  • Cooperation within organization is more done by internet
  • Communication world has more modern gadgets such as iPad, iPhone, BB
  • Many organizations are moving to Cloud Computing world
  • Modern workers can work from anywhere at anytime
Social Private Network for Modern Business & Modern Leader
is designed to solve these organization problems.
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Same work, work together, work through same work space. Determine scope of access to each project information or each work as wishes. Be able to create unlimited work space so all work information, including inquiry and conversation, is accessible.

There are reminding system, follow up system, report to leader or related person, work progress percentage, meeting report, data file, web link, VDO, pictures will be collected in the same place, in an order of conversation or usage, and possible for retrospective search as wishes.

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Communal organization information management system, supports folder making for information arrangement and determines scope of access to data file. File sharing for picture file, document file, or VDO file is easy to access. Searching by word or phrase, including tag usage are possible.

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We design program system by social network media creating experience
to create program system that users can use without reading manual, support staffs’ unlimited one
on one or group conversation, be able to attach document / data / picture files and link during conversation.
Moreover, system is connected to organization communal Contact
or Address Book so that staffs are able to communicate more easily and conveniently.

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System can hold activity, remind appointment, and recruit activity participants from both inside and outside organization depends on company policy.


Jigsaw Intranet has been developed for more than 10 years which has given us experience in program system design and user requirement. In this age, when every work has to be able to be done by mobile or tablet, we have to adjust and renew all program system as per information that is mentioned above.