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We provide full services from the start
to the end of organizational
knowledge management services.

We have experiences in
“Organizational Knowledge Management” or (Knowledge Management: KM)
system design and development services for many large organizations.
We provide KM full service from being KM project advisor, hold seminar,
provide lecturer, hold supporting activities,
including design and develop program system to support project to develop
and contribute sustainable exchange and learning within organization.

These are information and process examples of our
Organizational Knowledge Management system development.

Does your organization have these problems?
  • Does not possess communal program system for staff to contact, communicate, exchange, and learn together
  • Does not possess program system that let staff work together systematically and orderly
  • Training cost per annum is high and redundant
  • Does not possess method to extract or collect information from personnel with high expertise
  • Problems about repeat work errors
Internet Era World Trend
  • Social Networking Trend
  • Cooperation within organization is more done by internet
  • Communication world has more modern gadgets such as iPad, iPhone, BB
  • Many organizations are moving to Cloud Computing world
  • Modern workers can work from anywhere at anytime

Therefore, to effectively transfer, collect,
and reuse business knowledge to maximize benefit,
many organizations have to find method to let staffs
recognize importance of organizational knowledge transfer
and exchange from one generation to another so that the next generation can contribute or develop new innovation for organizations.

Our KM 3 Service

We are advisor for structure and process design and planning which are held to train executive, work team, and personnel in organization.


Organization culture improvement. We have to work with executive or related chief officer to set goal, index, and other factors. We will train and try to understand personnel in organization.


Program system development and design to apply in management and knowledge collection from personnel. We also have to design program system that motivate personnel to participate in KM system sustainable development.