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Digital Content Production

Content is the "KING"

One of the most critical points of marketing is “Content”. How to make it “Outstanding, Popular, Hit the Spot, Great”, how to communicate directly with target group, how to draw interest and attraction from target group, and how to create perception, memorization, recognition (Branding), leading to decision to buy products or services.

Content Marketing Critical Points
  • 1
    Content has to be interesting and be able to communicate feeling
    and draw attention.
  • 2
    Content has to carry key words
    to target group
  • 3
    Content has to be continuous and constant
  • 4
    Content has to be sincere to target audience
  • 5
    Content has to show value to target audience
STEPPS of content which
people like to share.
  • S
    Social Currency
    Improve Image of Content Owner
  • T
    Mix with Situation in Real Life
  • E
    Affect Emotion and Feeling
  • P
    Create Social Trend or Sharing
  • P
    Practical Value
    Valuable to Audience
  • S
    Stories is Interesting / Invite Audience to Follow
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Our team has experience in creating content with high variety to meet different kinds of work

  • b04-01 #Copy Writer Team
  • b04-02 #Presentation / Animation Creating Team
  • b04-03 #Animation Character Drawing / 3D Animation Team
  • b04-04 #Creative Team
  • b04-05 #VDO Production Team