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  • Corporate
  • Display
  • Brand
  • Institutional
  • Product
  • Micro Site
  • Promotional
  • Responsive
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile
Not only design website to meet customer’s sitemap,
we also take responsibility for all web development steps and work processes.
Planning & Analysis
  • Study, analyze, and understand vision, mission,
    and value of organization
  • Study, research, and analyze competitors / comparisons both in the same business and other business (and position STP for private business)
  • Case Set goals and index of project, including adjustment plan for Best Case / Normal Case / Worse Case
  • Create and present Digital Marketing Campaign to meet project index
  • Survey organization needs about information appears in website structure
  • Survey opinion, problem, and need of customers or organization with old website. For example, problem about UX (User Experience) design, UI (User Interface) design, back office system, telephone or tablet usage problem, web browser problem, information searching problem, information accessible problem
  • Analyze, inspect present website structure, analyze target group, target insight, and both online / offline advertisement for public relations
  • Analyze, study, and conclude Brand Element/Brand Touch Point for example, Brand Personality, Brand Perception, Brand Image Brand Identity, Brand Value, Brand Message
  • Analyze and conclude main words or phrases for Keyword Analysis /SEO Structure website
  • Design and Arrange Site Map to reflect “Out Side In” and “In Side Out”
Web Page Design
  • ดำเนินการจัดเก็บข้อมูล
    Information Collection
    take illustration picture or provide related picture and information
  • ออกแบบ Prototype
    Prototype Design
    main pages and other pages of website,
    including mobile phone or tablet fitting screen
  • นำเสนอให้กับคณะทำงานที่เกี่ยวข้อง
    Present to Cooperated Team
    to ask for opinion, suggestion, and approval to move to the next step
Function Analysis
  • Script Adjustment and Design
    to meet Brand Personality / Brand Image
  • Executive and Team Presentation
    cooperated team to ask for approval
  • Back Office Management System Development
    for team, including designed Front Office connection
  • Script Adjustment
    and overall design
  • Inspection and Correction
    all program system bug
  • Migration
    to Live Site
  • QC (Quality Control) Inspection
    Step Test, Function Acceptant , User Acceptant , Web Browser
    Compatible, Mobile & Tablet Compatible (Responsive)
  • Website Security System Test
    • SEO Tools Box
    • File Disclosure
    • Speed Test
    • Remote File Inclusion
    • Performance Testing
    • PHP/ASP Code Injection
    • SQL Injection
    • Directory Traversal
    • XSS (Cross Site Scripting)
  • Speed Test Website Efficiency Test and Assessment
  • Google Analytic / Pixel Google Adword / FB Set up
  • Standard Compliance and Test
    test and comply with related standards such as W3C, WAII (for government website)
    • WEB Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0
    • Web Accessibility Initiative: WAI
    • Speed Test
    • W3C
    • Government Web Site Standard (เฉพาะกรณีเว็บไซต์ภาครัฐ)
  • SEO Site Submitton
  • Cover Page and Banner Design
    for each media for conformity
Examples of Accomplishment
desktop mobile
Metropolitan Electricity Authority view case study
desktop mobile
Department of Land Transport view case study
desktop mobile
Department of Airports, Thailand view case study